How to unlock Gym Rat in NBA 2K23

Don't dream of becoming a Gym Rat, earn it.

Image via 2K Games

Badges are an essential part of NBA 2K23’s ecosystem. They’re used to power up players in MyCAREER and MyPLAYER game modes, making them game changers on the court.

Players will always be able to increase their attributes by training, but it’ll be hard to resist the instant improvement that badges provide. Using a badge will allow your player to excel in certain areas immediately, giving you a much-needed power-up for your next endeavor.

The Gym Rat badge improves Speed, Acceleration, Strength, Vertical, and Stamina by four points. It’s one of the most sought-after badges in the game since it directly strengthens a player’s core. Though the Gym Rat badge can be unlocked within a few hours, the process of unlocking the Gym Rat badge will depend on the generation of your console.

How do you get the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K23?

For PS4 and Xbox One players

  • Go to the Gatorade Facility and find Timmy the NPC.
  • Pick up the Addicted to Sweat quest and complete it.

Players who can’t talk to Timmy and receive the Addicted to Sweat challenge will need to unlock the Mamba Mentality badge first.

For PS5 and ​​Xbox Series X|S players

  • Complete the NBA Summer League game to receive your intro challenges.
  • One of these challenges will unlock the Gym Rat badge.
  • To start the Gym Rat Badge awarding quest, go to the gym rep NPC at the Gatorade Facility and talk to them.
  • The Gym Rat quest will require players to complete 25 three-star or higher quality workouts.
  • Complete the high-quality workouts to unlock the Gym Rat badge.