How to roll faster in Elden Ring

Quickly get out of the way of incoming damage.

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In Elden Ring, hitting without being hit is paramount to success and, fortunately, the game gives you a few different ways to achieve this. One of these ways is rolling.

While in combat, rolling is the perfect way to get out of the damage zone of an enemy’s attack. Paired with shielding and parry, you can easily negate all enemy offense and take them down with little to no damage.

Some players may notice their roll may get slower over time, which can have huge implications to their playstyle. There’s a simple reason for this and it’s something you can fix quickly–but it will take some adjusting.

Elden Ring rolling system – how to dodge faster

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Rolling faster in Elden Ring is directly connected to your equipment load. With this being the case, you’ll either want to reduce the weight you are carrying or level up your endurance to roll faster and get out of the way quicker.

Here are the metrics that factor into roll speed:

  • Light Roll: Under 31 percent.
  • Medium Roll: Under 71 percent.
  • Heavy Roll: Over 71 percent.
  • Over Encombered: Over 100 percent.

Depending on your build and playstyle, a medium or heavy roll could be the right way to go, but for the fastest roll, you’ll need your equipment load to be 30 percent or under.

If you’re wanting to keep your current setup but still get a quicker roll then you’ll need to invest in Endurance, which will increase your maximum load capabilities.