How to make Fish Sandwiches and Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The dip is included in the recipe.

Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley invites players to a magical world filled with characters they grew up with. Soon after arriving in Dreamlight Valley, players will realize they’ll be the ones to bring back the magic. To do this, players will need to complete a handful of quotes, which can require them to get Gems or even cook.

Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley is simple since players only need a specific ingredient and a stove ready to go. During an early game quest called “Missing Minnie”, players will be required to cook two Fish Sandwiches and five Crudités. These are some of the simpler recipes in the game, so don’t worry! The hardest part will simply be collecting the ingredients.

How to make a Fish Sandwich in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players will need fish and wheat to make a Fish Sandwich in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Drop them into the pot, and a fish sandwich will be ready. Once the Fish Sandwiches are prepared, you’ll only need to get the Crudités done to complete the quest.

How can you make Crudités in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  • Have a vegetable ready in your inventory that is not lettuce.
    • Lettuce will make a salad, so you’ll need to use any other vegetable instead.
  • Open up the stove.
  • Add a single vegetable to the pot, and the Crudités will be ready.
  • Repeat this process four more times to have five Crudités.

To make Crudités, players will only need to drop a vegetable other than lettuce into the cooking pot. After doing so for the first time, the recipe will unlock, and the Crudités will be ready.

After acquiring five Crudités and two fish Fish Sandwiches, speak to Mickey as he’ll point you toward your next Disney Dreamlight Valley objective.