How to fix error code 400 in Roblox

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Image via Roblox

Online games like Roblox can look like well-oiled machines from a distance, but even the most perfect ones can go down from time to time.

Error code 400 in Roblox usually appears when the servers go down. With the servers out of order, Roblox loses its online functionalities and causes players to receive the error code 400 or similar ones, preventing them from accessing the game.

On rare occasions, this error can also appear due to connectivity problems, meaning there are a couple of troubleshooting methods you can try out to fix the error on your own.

Check Roblox’s server status

Before trying a fix, you should check if Roblox’s servers are online. When the servers are offline, the troubleshooting methods below won’t be effective and you’ll need to wait for the developers to roll out a fix.

The servers generally get fixed within a few hours. You can check out the latest developments on the game’s social media channels or community hubs.

Restart your router and gaming device

If the servers are doing just fine, you may be receiving error code 400 due to a problem with your home connection. The fastest way to troubleshoot your home network will be by resetting your router and gaming device at the same time.

Make sure to wait for a minute or two before turning them on and try starting Roblox as soon as you’re connected to the internet on your gaming device.

Try out a different internet connection

The second best way to troubleshoot your home network will be by testing a new one. You can use your cellular data available on your phone by turning on the mobile hotspot feature.

If you can log into Roblox with your new connection, you’ll need to call your ISP so they can scan for outages on their end.