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How to defeat the Devourer in The First Descendant

How much health regen does this guy have?

The First Descendant’s second boss is called the Devourer, and you’ll have to pay more attention to the game’s specific mechanics to defeat it compared to the first one.

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Bosses are one of the game’s main strengths. To defeat them, you’ll have to use several strategies and identify their weak points. Using this information to your advantage will make all the difference in the fight.

Once you’ve defeated the Devourer as part of the game’s main questline, you’ll unlock the Void battle, which will be very useful to earn stronger gear. The boss itself is described as a Colossus that devours everything in its path, while it also “releases poison and swings its mighty arms.”

However, this beast can be slain with the right approach and setup, plus a little patience.

Defeat the Devourer in The First Descendant: Tips and tricks

Void battle menu in The First Descendant.
The Devourer gives valuable gear for Level 40. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Before taking on the Devourer in The First Descendant, check your gear. Make use of the upgrade you have available, particularly when it comes to damage output, as the main challenge of this boss is dealing enough damage so he can’t regenerate health fast enough. He boasts strong healing, so it will be a very long and frustrating fight if you fall behind the mark.

  • Lots of DPS checks

The Devourer can heal himself very quickly, and many of his mechanics involve DPS checks. If you and your team can’t keep the damage output up, you simply won’t be able to bring the Devourer down. Be efficient with your damage and coordinate together.

  • Use Shock damage

The Devourer is vulnerable to Shock damage, so using this damage type will play a crucial role in taking the boss down. Equip some Shock nodes, as well as nodes that impair the boss’ fast regeneration rate.

  • Target the Devourer’s weak points

When heading to the boss fight area and discovering the colossus for the first time, you’ll need to bring down his protective shield. To do this, take notice and target his knees, which are weak points. Once the shield is down, watch for where the weak points move to and keep up a steady fire at those targets.

The main weak points include his knees, his eye sensor, his core cap on his chest, and his two shoulder blades on his back.

  • Focus on the adds

When the Devourer slams on the ground, he will summon small crab-like units called RolyPoly’s. I recommend you eliminate them immediately as they’ll actively target you and keep your health low enough for the boss to finish you.

At some point, other pillar-like adds will appear called Symbiont. These generate extra health and make the Devourer invincible if they aren’t destroyed. Bring them down as a team: I found it easy to split into groups and work on each Symbiont at once.

In his second invincibility phase, the Devourer will unleash huge AoE attacks, so splitting up and taking down the Symbionts is ideal as he can only target one group at a time.

  • Be patient

It might not be a strategic trick, but to defeat this boss, you need patience. Since he regenerates, the fight will last longer each time you fail a DPS check.

This fight is obviously a lot easier with the coordination of a team as opposed to random matchmaking, but with a little time and strategy, you’ll bring this beast down before you deplete your team’s Death Count.

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