How to claim the Back 4 Blood Twitch drop to play in the beta?

Alexa, play "Back in Blood" by AC/DC. Wait. What was that song called again?

Screengrab via Turtle Rock Studios

It’s almost time to call your old Left 4 Dead squad for old time’s sake and get ready for Back 4 Blood’s release on Oct. 12. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the team-based zombie slashing game is looking to rekindle the old memories of many gamers who grew up playing L4D while capturing the attention of newer generations that skipped out on the genre.

Though the release isn’t far off, players can get a taste of the action in the Back 4 Blood beta, and luckily for them, securing a beta key is a simple process. Starting on Aug. 5, players will be able to claim their beta key through Twitch via drops. Those who participated in the Alpha test in December don’t have to worry about getting their own key, though.

Twitch drops for Back 4 Blood follow the standard procedure for drops on the platform. You’ll be eligible to claim your reward by tuning into streams broadcasting Back 4 Blood with Twitch Drops enabled. There is some preparation before you can get your key, however.

The first and most important step is creating a WB Games account and linking it with Twitch. Here’s how to connect the two accounts:

  • Head over to Twitch and log in to your account.
  • Return back to your WB Games account and click on Account Settings on the WB portal.
  • There, you’ll find a Connect button that will link your Twitch and WB Games accounts.

After the process finishes, all you’ll need to do is watch 60 minutes of Back 4 Blood from streams that have Drops enabled. Upon watching for 60 minutes, you’ll receive a Twitch drop that contains your beta key. You’ll be able to claim a copy of the beta for your desired platform on the WB Games portal.

Though you’ll need to tune into a stream for 60 minutes to receive your beta key, you won’t have to watch it with your full attention. You can open up a stream and let it roll in the background while focusing on other tasks, meaning you don’t have to commit an hour of your time to get your beta key.

Carefully observing the game can still give you some edge once you download the game, allowing you to learn the ropes quickly during your limited time in the early access beta, which ends on Aug. 9. If you miss the limited-time window, the open beta kicks off shortly after and takes place between Aug. 12 and 16 and “will be available for all players,” according to the official FAQ.