How many GBs is Dying Light 2? File size, system requirements, and more

Gamers don't need to clear out their hard drives for this one.

Image via Techland

Dying Light 2 is out and fans of the franchise are finally starting to get their hands on the game. But before they can do that, they must find enough space on their hard drives to fit it.

With modern AAA games getting bigger and bigger, the size of a game is a growing concern among gamers who enjoy a wide variety of titles—and Dying Light 2 is no small game. It isn’t a huge game either, which is good for gamers who have a moderate amount of space on their PCs and consoles.

For PC, the game is listed as 42.99 GB when downloaded through Steam, so those who have picked up the Steam version of the game can expect to clear about that much off of their hard drive before they can install the game.

For those with PlayStation consoles, the sizes actually vary quite a bit. The PlayStation 5 version of Dying Light 2 is significantly less than the PC version at about 32.5 GB, while the PlayStation 4 version is almost double at around 50.9 GB. The PS5 version is one of the smallest iterations of the game across all consoles and is less than half of the Xbox Series X version of the game.

Xbox Series X|S owners were likely a little worried leading up to the release of Dying Light 2 considering it was reported that the game was going to be a whopping 72 GB of data. But now that the game is out, it’s been discovered that the game is coming in around 35 GB.

Information on the size of the game on the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One hasn’t been reported yet, although players can expect that it will likely be around the same ballpark as other consoles.