How big is the map in Elden Ring?

The map in Elden Ring is much larger than anything seen in a Soulsborne title before.

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Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring isn’t like other Soulsborne titles; in this new FromSoftware game, players not only have dungeons to challenge themselves with but also a massive world to explore, full of its own strange surprises.

Given its scale, things can be confusing. As you first start it can be hard to fathom just how much is available to visit in the Lands Between. Whether you’re looking to complete the story straight away or do some exploring, you’ll need to venture into the wild.

Thankfully, players have uncovered all of its secrets since launch and there are plenty of resources to get a grasp on the world in Elden Ring and the Lands Between.

How big is the map in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring map
Screengrab via Mapgenie

Elden Ring’s map is, simply put, truly massive and well beyond the scale of anything players have experienced in previous Soulsborne titles.

Players will begin their journey in Limgrave but the lands between are split into five key zones. Here is a look at the five zones.

  • Limgrave
  • Caelid
  • Liurnia
  • Altus Plateau
  • Mountaintops of the Giants

Furthermore, each of these zones themselves is massive. You’ll need to find multiple map fragments to reveal the entirety of these locations. Ultimately there are 14 regions in Elden Ring.

  • Limgrave West
  • Limgrave East
  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Caelid
  • Dragonbarrow
  • Liurnia East
  • Liurnia North
  • Liurnia West
  • Altus Plateau
  • Mount Gelmir
  • Leyndell Royal Capital
  • Siofra River
  • West Mountaintops of the Giants
  • East Mountaintops of the Giants

Navigating this wild world can be difficult, especially if you’re seeking out specific items or locations prior to having unlocked map fragments. To help you out you can check out an interactive map noting all the locations in the game via mapgenie here.