Flesh and Blood TCG rarity explained

Learn the different kind of cards found in a booster box.

Image via Legend Story Studios

Flesh and Blood, like most trading card games, uses a rarity system in its booster packs that determines the drop rates of certain kinds of cards.

Rarity is a way to create scarcity among the most collectible and powerful cards in a game. For Limited gameplay, which Flesh and Blood supports through Draft and Sealed, rarity helps balance gameplay in the deck-building process.

Flesh and Blood’s rarity system has a few unique aspects that separates itself from other card games. These differences are mainly found in the different booster boxes available for each set.

The different rarities of Flesh and Blood are as follows:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Majestic
  • Legendary
  • Fabled

Rarity markers can be found on the bottom left of the card. Most commonly, players are going to see Common, Rare, and Majestic cards in their booster packs. Super Rare, Legendary, and Fabled are harder to get your hands on.

Image via Legend Story Studios

The difference between rarity between unlimited and first-edition printings can be found on the rarity indicator. If it is solid, then it’s printed in a first-edition box. A transparent symbol means it was a part of the unlimited printing.

Each booster pack contains one double-sided token and 14 Commons. These Commons are separated between four Generic Commons and seven Class Commons that are identified with a grey ‘C.’

There is one Rare per pack that is identified with a blue “R.” These are found in every set of Flesh and Blood.

Packs can also contain either a Super Rare or Majestic depending on what booster pack is being opened. Booster boxes from Welcome to Rathe to Arcane Rising contain Super Rare’s as the higher rarity option. Super Rares are being phased out in favor of Majestic rarity, however.

Crucible of War and beyond will contain Majestic rarity that’s identified by a red “M.” This is the highest rarity that can regularly be found in a booster box of Flesh and Blood at one in 12 per box.

Legendary cards are marked with an orange “L” on the bottom left. These cards are only found in one in 96 packs. The most recent set, Tales of Aria, only contains six Legendary cards.

The rarest game pieces in Flesh and Blood are Fabled. Each set only contains one Fabled card. This rarity only shows up in one in every 960 booster packs. The four Fabled cards in Flesh and Blood are Great Library of Solana, Arknight Shard, Eye of Ophidia, and Heart of Fyendal.