EA Play won’t be added to Xbox Game Pass on PC until 2021

PC players will have to wait longer for the new titles.

Screengrab via Microsoft

The EA Play library isn’t coming to the Xbox Game Pass on PC until 2021, Microsoft announced today. EA Play was initially scheduled to be added to Game Pass for PC this month but has been delayed to ensure a smooth experience. 

EA Play was added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in November and was supposed to be added to Xbox Game Pass for PC in December. But this is no longer the case and PC players won’t see EA Play games in their Game Pass until next year. 

The Xbox Game Pass grants access to hundreds of games for a monthly fee. The games included range from AAA titles to small indie games, and new games rotate into the pass each month. EA Play introduced over 80 new games for players to enjoy, including the latest FIFA, Madden, and UFC titles. Players who have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription right now have access to EA Play titles on console but can’t access them on PC. 

The Xbox Game Pass has been a popular subscription for most players. The Xbox Game Pass engagement doubled in November compared to last year and Microsoft said 70 percent of Xbox Series X and S consoles are attached to a Game Pass account. The Xbox Game Pass UItimate subscription also combined multiple subscriptions into one price, saving players a few bucks every month.

Microsoft promised to release more information on EA Play coming to the Xbox Game Pass for PC early next year.