EA Play Live coming in July

EA's summer showcase has been officially unveiled.

Screengrab via Eletronic Arts

EA Play Live, Electronic Arts’ yearly show that showcases what the company is working on, will return on July 22, the company announced today.

EA hasn’t announced any formal plans yet, but the event will likely be held online, similar to other showcases such as gamescom and E3 2021. Although we don’t know what EA is going to present, it’s possible that the devs will bring updates on Skate 4, which was announced in 2020, and perhaps a gameplay reveal of Battlefield 6, which was teased last year and may have a conference of its own in June.

EA Play Live is usually a great showcase for fans of sports games. It’s likely that the developer of FIFA and Madden will use its summer showcase to offer news on those two titles. EA has also recently completed acquisitions of two major game studios: Codemasters, which focuses on racing titles such as the Formula 1 series, and Metalhead, the developer of the popular Super Mega Baseball franchise. So the company may show off what’s to come from those two studios, too.

Last year’s edition of EA Play Live most notably brought the announcement of Skate 4 and popular co-op game It Takes Two, teasers for the RPG game Dragon Age 4 and Battlefield 6, and a gameplay reveal for Star Wars Squadron. Fans who are interested in becoming a playtester can sign up on EA’s official page for the EA Play Live event.