Does Chocobo GP have split-screen multiplayer?

The new Square Enix racer lets two players play on the one screen.

Image via Square Enix

Everyone loves a great kart racing game for its exhilarating gameplay, racing tactics, and most of all, its multiplayer functions. With the release of Chocobo GP, a racing title by Square Enix, many Final Fantasy fans are excited to play the new game. As a result, a big question has arisen — does it have split-screen?

With an onslaught of features similar to Mario Kart or even the upcoming Disney Speedstorm, many gamers have questions centered around split-screen multiplayer and if it is something Chocobo GP has adopted into their racer.

Is there split-screen in Chocobo GP?

Chocobo GP will feature a split-screen multiplayer option. Unlike Mario Kart, however, which can feature up to four players on one screen, Chocobo GP can only have a max of two players on a screen. So while it is a nice option if you are playing with one friend, playing it at parties can be troublesome. 

For this reason, if you have a group bigger than two people, it may be best to bring multiple Nintendo Switches to one house and play together through the game’s online mode. Nonetheless, if you are a Square Enix lover, this game is sure to liven up any friend gathering and bring out the competitive fire from anyone playing.

Chocobo GP, the sequel to Chocobo Racing released in 1999, is Square Enix’s variation of Mario Kart and is a racing video game that features characters across the Final Fantasy series.

It was released on March 10 and is available on the Nintendo Switch.