Dewkissed Herba location in Elden Ring: How to find and use Dewkissed Herba

Tired of dying to Scarlet Rot?

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Dewkissed Herba is a crafting material that can only be found deep below the surface of the Lands Between in Elden Ring. Its description reads: “A herb that grows in the false night in and around the Eternal City. Soaked in arcane dew, it gives off the faint glow of starlight.”

Dewkissed Herba is a helpful item to gather to alleviate certain negative status effects while on your journey through Elden Ring. So if you’re having trouble locating the plant, here’s where to find it.

Where to find Dewkissed Herba

Dewkissed Herba can be found all around the Siofra River area of the map. The easiest way to access this hidden underground zone is to head to the Siofra River Well in the Mistwood region of Limgrave. Additionally, you can get there by taking the Deep Siofra Well found to the northeast of the Caelem Ruins in Caelid.

The next few locations to find Dewkissed Herba are more difficult to reach than taking an elevator and searching around, but still contain the material nonetheless. First, you can find Dewkissed Herba around Nokron, Eternal City. To reach this location you must defeat Starscourge Radahn, located at Redmane Castle in Caelid. Once defeated, head to Mistwood in Limgrave and climb down the massive hole in the ground surrounded by floating rocks.

The crafting material can also be found in the Deeproot Depths, which can be accessed by defeating the Valiant Gargoyles in Siofra Aqueduct, which is located to the northeast of Nokron, near the top of the map. Once you’ve defeated the two Gargoyles, you must rest in a coffin to be transported to the Deeproot Depths.

Lastly, Dewkissed Herba can be picked up all around Mohgwyn Palace. This location is only reached through a teleporter northwest of the Yelough Anix Ruins in the Consecrated Snowfield section of Mountaintops of the Giants.

How to use Dewkissed Herba

Now that you’ve gathered some Dewkissed Herba in Elden Ring, you’ll probably want to know how to use them. The plant can be used to craft four different items: Preserving Boluses, Clarifying Boluses, Rejuvenating Boluses, and Glowstone. Preserving Boluses alleviate Scarlet Rot buildup and cure it if the status effect has already been inflicted. Clarifying and Rejuvenating Boluses have a similar effect but for Madness and Death Blight, respectively. Meanwhile, Glowstone can be placed on a surface to emit light.

To make these consumables you must first acquire a Crafting Kit. The easiest way is to purchase one from Merchant Kalé in the Church of Elleh in Limgrave for 300 Runes. Then, you’ll need one of four Cookbooks depending on which item you wish to craft. Here are each of the item’s corresponding Cookbook:

  • Preserving Boluses: Armorer’s Cookbook
  • Clarifying Boluses: Frenzied’s Cookbook
  • Rejuvenating Boluses: Missionary’s Cookbook
  • Glowstone: Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook

Additionally, you’ll need a few more crafting materials depending on the item you decide to make. Here are their crafting recipes:

  • Preserving Boluses: One Crystal Cave Moss, one Sacramental Bud, and two Dewkissed Herba
  • Clarifying Boluses: One Crystal Cave Moss, one Eye of Yelough, and two Dewkissed Herba
  • Rejuvenating Boluses: One Crystal Cave Moss, one Golden Centipede, and two Dewkissed Herba
  • Glowstone: One Ruin Fragment and two Dewkissed Herba