Curse Academy becomes Gravity Gaming

When Curse Academy qualified for the League Championship Series, they went on auction

Screengrab via ESL/YouTube

When Curse Academy qualified for the League Championship Series, they went on auction. Ownership rules prevented Steven Arhancet, who owns the Curse Gaming organization, from controlling two teams in the LCS.

But after a series of high-profile buyers were rumored to have interest in the newly qualified Curse Academy team, it’s a new name to esports that takes over the promising team.

Curse Academy is now Gravity Gaming after their acquisition by Davis Vague, a name that aptly describes the new owner of the team—there’s little information out as to his background or experience in esports.

Well folks this is our new owner. What a nerd.

— saintvicious (@LolStvicious) January 8, 2015

The team name first cropped up as the buyer a few days ago. A pun-laden article on LoL Esports confirmed the sale.

It’s a big change for the Curse Academy team. Instead of the experience of the Curse Gaming organization behind them, they’re playing things by ear as Gravity Gaming builds the infrastructure needed to compete in the LCS. It’s the first time some of the challenger players have played in a team house environment, with a coach and analyst behind them. 

Jake Fyfe, apparently marksman David “Cop” Roberson’s best friend, is taking over management duties, but he’s leaning on LCS veterans Roberson and Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco to show him the ropes.

As for Vague, he says more information is coming, including the team logo and social media.

Still, as the LoL Esports article beats into you, the team is all smiles heading into the LCS. “We’re going to be the new Cloud9, in terms of the best friend squad,” Vague told lolesports.

In terms of results? That’s likely another story. One that’s first chapter begins on Jan. 22 when the LCS kicks off.