All sports included in Nintendo Switch Sports

Get ready for six available sports at launch.

Image via Nintendo

Veteran Nintendo fans can look forward to playing virtual versions of their favorite sports in Nintendo Switch Sports, which marks the triumphant return of the popular Nintendo Sports series. The new game will feature iconic sports from previous iterations in the series and will allow players to play against friends or online opponents. 

Nintendo Switch Sports will feature six different sports at launch: tennis, bowling, chambara, soccer, badminton, and volleyball. Older players will recognize some sports like tennis and bowling from previous games, but all fans can enjoy volleyball, soccer, and badminton for the first time in the new game. 

Fans can also expect two updates later this year, adding more features to enjoy. The first free update will add the support to play soccer with a new leg attachment, further enhancing the experience. The second update will bring golf to the lineup, adding another fun sport to enjoy. 

The reveal trailer also showed what appeared to be custom Miis, meaning players can once again create their own characters. Players everywhere enjoy making their own unique character to use against their friends, and hopefully, the new game will have a significant amount of customization.

Nintendo Switch Sports will be released on April 29. Players can participate in an online playtest from Feb. 18 to 20, but an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required. The online test will feature bowling, chambara, and tennis.