All sports in Nintendo Switch Sports, ranked

Which is the best?

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Nintendo Switch Sports is finally here, bringing with it six sports to play from the get-go and more coming in future updates.

While we wait for those updates, however, we have to look at the current games and evaluate which are the best ones so far. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and this list might not reflect all of them. But so far, here’s what we believe are the best games on offer in the Nintendo Switch Sports package.

The best sports in Nintendo Switch Sports

1) Bowling

2) Tennis

3) Soccer

4) Volleyball

5) Badminton

6) Chambara

Bowling is ranked first on this list because it has the most things to do in-game right now. It has the most modes ranging from solo play to challenges and the online battle royale mode. It’s also pretty quick and fun to get through as players chase the perfect score.

Tennis is a popular mode that’s a no-brainer selection at the top of the list, while soccer slots in at third for being just pure chaotic fun with different ways to score goals and play once you get used to the somewhat confusing controls.

Volleyball is ranked fourth because it can be a bit of fun but isn’t the best option on offer. This is followed by badminton, which can sometimes turn into a mashing contest with not a lot of skill needed to play. Nintendo Switch Sports’ badminton mode just feels like a worse version of tennis in all honesty.

Lastly, we have chambara. For the most part, it’s just a “swing the controller as fast as possible and pray” game. While there is skill involved for some of the higher-ranked players and can be enjoyable, the vast majority might just look to pass on this option.

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