All Maps and Starting Locations in Project Zomboid

Picking the right starting point for your run is important.

Image via The Indie Stone

Project Zomboid features a massive map full of deadly zombies, exciting locations, and dozens of helpful items that can make the difference between life and death. Players can explore the entire map as they see fit, although venturing out for too long can leave you vulnerable. Choosing the right starting location in Project Zomboid is essential, and understanding what each area has to offer is important.  

There are four starting locations by default in Project Zomboid: Muldraugh, Riverside, Rosewood, and West Point. All locations are part of a larger playable map, meaning you can reach each town or city even if you select a different starting point. Your starting location is where you’ll likely spend the first few weeks of your playthrough, however, so choosing the right spot is important. 

Here is a breakdown of each starting location in Project Zomboid.

All maps and starting locations in Project Zomboid

Muldraugh, KY

Screenshot via Project Zomboid Map Project by Benjamin Schieder

Muldraugh is a small town in the center of Kentucky with a significant residential area, small-town shops, and large warehouses on the outskirts. This location has a relatively high zombie count, but stealthy players should be able to navigate the area with little issue. 

This town is an excellent choice for new players learning the ropes as the spawn areas are typically in houses with decent supplies that aren’t too far from stores and businesses. You can also find decent loot in Mauldraugh, although you’ll need to hit multiple houses to find all the necessary skill books. 

Riverside, KY

Screenshot via Project Zomboid Map Project by Benjamin Schieder

Riverside is arguably the best starting location in Project Zomboid. This town is adjacent to a river, meaning you can have a steady supply of food if you can find a fishing pole and bait. There is also a police station, school, and other useful buildings within a reasonable distance, allowing players to gather all the necessary items early in a run.

You can also explore the gated community on the edge of town for extra loot, and the Knox Heights Country Club is also nearby. New players and veteran players alike should consider this fun starting point. 

Rosewood, KY

Screenshot via Project Zomboid Map Project by Benjamin Schieder

Rosewood is a good spot for players looking for a low zombie count. However, there is also significantly less high-tier loot in this area, but you can still find decent loot in the houses and businesses. If you want a less stressful Project Zomboid experience, Rosewood is one of your best options. 

West Point, KY

Screenshot via Project Zomboid Map Project by Benjamin Schieder

West Point is one of the more difficult starting locations with a high zombie population, tricky spawn points, and a low amount of viable base options. There is plenty of high-tier loot in this area, though, meaning you can accumulate a powerful loadout with little trouble.