All Diablo Immortal classes and abilities

Find what's right for you and take on the darkness

Different classes from Diablo Immortal sprint and jump towards battle
Image via Activision Blizzard

The long-awaited Diablo Immortal is almost here, and players are eager to enter the world and fight back against the demonic forces. This new MMO game aims to bring all of the best of this top-down RPG series on the go. Part of that starts with the character creator, where players decide which class they want to play.

From ranged to warrior, there are a lot of class options. Like in the main Diablo series, each class has its own special abilities, weapons, and characteristics. Below are some examples of the current classes available and the abilities each starts with.


A muscular man covered in harmor
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A melee fighter equipped with two axes, the Barbarian is one of the fiercest of fighters. The Barbarian prioritizes strength and being tough enough to take a punch. Their starter abilities prioritize brutal offense, with their primary attack being Lacerate. This ability does 50 to 72 damage with every third hit healing the Barbarian for 15 percent of the damage done.

The three starter abilities include:

  • Chained Spear: Hurls three chains that deal 38 damage, dragging the enemies to you and dealing nine damage at the same time.
  • Cleave: Attacks in an X in front of the Barbarian, deals 66 damage to all enemies in front of you, and causes them to bleed for 21 damage over three seconds.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: The Barbarian conjures a giant hammer that smashes enemies in front of them for 60 damage and shakes the ground for eight damage over two seconds.


A woman in a wizards robe with a glowing orb hovering over her hand
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The Wizard is a ranged magical class with an emphasis on keeping their distance while doing damage with a staff. Their abilities prioritize keeping enemies away and dealing consistent damage to those who insist on getting too close. The Wizard’s primary attack is Magic Missile, which launches a projectile that deals between 45 to 63 damage.

The Wizard’s three starter abilities are:

  • Arcane Wind: Unleashes a blast of wind in a specified direction, dealing 54 damage and knocking the enemy away. Charging the attack increases the range, knock-away distance, and damage up to 72.
  • Lightning Nova: The Wizard hurls 10 balls of lightning away from themselves in a circle, dealing 25 damage as they go out and 25 again when they come back in towards the player.
  • Scorch: Send a fireball that deals 42 damage and knocks back enemies, also deals 36 damage over six seconds from a trail left by Scorch.

Demon Hunter

A man in leather hood holds up two crossbows
Image via Activision Blizzard

A silent rogue, the Demon Hunter stalks their enemies before attacking with ranged physical damage. With a crossbow in each hand, the versatile Demon Hunter’s abilities focus on an unrelenting stream of projectiles. The Demon Hunter’s primary attack is called Crossbow Shot, an arrow that deals between 47 to 66 damage.

The rest of their special abilities include:

  • Knockback Shot: Shoots a bolt of shadow energy that hits for 66 damage and knocks an enemy back. Enemies that are pushed back into obstacles will be stunned for three seconds.
  • Multishot: A barrage of arrows goes flying in one direction and deals 53 damage to all enemies. It has three charges before it runs out.
  • Rain of Vengeance: The Demon Hunter fires a barrage of arrows in a certain area, dealing 144 damage in the area over four seconds


A monk woman wraps a bandage around her forearm
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With martial arts knowledge, the Monk does magical damage with their melee attacks. By tapping into their own energy, this class can deliver fast strikes with their fists while dancing around the battlefield. The Monk’s primary attack is Fists of Thunder, which teleports them to a nearby enemy and unleashes a series of punches that each deal 50 to 78 damage.

The Monk’s other abilities include:

  • Cyclone Strike: Generates a vortex of wind that pulls in enemies and deals 42 damage. Charging the ability for longer increases the damage.
  • Flying Kick: A kick forward that deals 60 damage to enemies in front of you and also knocks them away. This attack can rebound off walls and deal an additional 60 damage to all your nearby enemies.
  • Seven-Sided Strike: The Monk dashes rapidly between nearby enemies, striking them seven times for 60 damage per hit. Repeated hits on the same target deal an extra 50 percent damage.


A man in holy armor, equipped with a sword and shield
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The Crusader is a hybrid melee character that draws from magic and physical attacks. Equipped with a shield and sword, this class focuses on dealing heavy blows and dominating the field of battle. The Crusader’s Primary Attack is called Punish and it does 45 to 54 damage. It also buffs the Crusader with Hardened Senses, increasing their block chance by 30 percent for two seconds.

The Crusader’s other three starter abilities include:

  • Shield Glare: Light shoots out from their shield, dealing 45 damage and blinding all enemies in front of them for three seconds.
  • Spinning Shield: They throw their spinning shield, inflicting 39 damage to any enemies in the way. When the shield returns, it pulls any enemies back with it. The shield has a maximum charge of three.
  • Sweep Attack: Sweeps a magic flail through enemies in front of the character, dealing 54 damage. If the player charges it up, the damage increases to 71.


A woman in dark tight clothing holds a blue fireball in one hand
Image via Activision Blizzard

The Necromancer holds control over life and death, summoning creatures long passed to fight for them. In addition to their base attack, this class passively summons skeletons to help aid them in battle. The Necromancer’s primary attack is Soulfire, a blaze of blue energy that deals 42 damage to the target and 25 percent damage to nearby enemies as well.

The Necromancer’s other abilities include:

  • Command Skeletons: The player orders their skeleton allies to attack a specific area, immediately teleporting them to where they command. This also increases their attack speed by 80 percent for 4.5 seconds. This passive ability can raise up to two skeletons every eight seconds.
  • Corpse Explosion: This ability detonates all corpses in a certain area, each dealing 44 damage to all enemies close to the explosion. Enemies hit by multiple explosions take 40 percent reduced damage for every hit.
  • Grim Scythe: The player summons a scythe that does a wide sweep for 49 damage to all enemies. Each enemy hit generates a corpse, with a max of two. The scythe has two charges.