All Dead By Daylight Funko Pops

Shame you can't buy them with Bloodpoints.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

There are plenty of ways to bring your favorite Dead By Daylight characters with you wherever you go. From official merch on your killer or survivor of choice to pins of your signature perks and even a med-kit lunch box, Dead By Daylight fans have a wealth of choices if they want to represent their game of choice even outside the Entity’s realms.

In its sixth-anniversary stream, the developers teased that Dead By Daylight will finally get Funko Pops with a short announcement at the end of the broadcast. After introducing the first Resident Evil chapter, game director Mathieu Côté snuck in the announcement seconds before the screen faded to black, telling fans that “Funko Pops are coming” before signing off. Now, as part of the sixth-anniversary broadcast, fans finally got more details on the Dead By Daylight Funko Pops.

Though there is no set release date yet, Côté said the Funko Pops will be available “before the end of the year,” meaning fans may not have too long of a wait until they can purchase the first batch of Dead By Daylight Funko Pops.

The first wave includes four characters—three killers and one survivor. Although this doesn’t mean there won’t be more Dead By Daylight characters immortalized as Funko Pops in the future, fans only have a fairly slim selection to pick from the first time around.

For the first batch of Dead By Daylight Funko Pops, players can expect to see The Huntress, The Wraith, The Doctor representing the killers, and Claudette Morel as the sole survivor. This means some popular characters—such as David King and Meg Thomas on the survivor side or The Nurse and The Trapper as part of the Entity’s domain—aren’t available for purchase now but could appear in another collection in the future.

Additionally, some Dead By Daylight characters are licensed from famous horror franchises, such as Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers, Ghost Face, and Ash Williams. Though this may not help the odds of seeing your favorite licensed killers (and your favorite skins for them) in Funko Pop form, Dead By Daylight‘s unique (and growing) cast has plenty of original characters that could end up in vinyl form in the future.

Here are all the Dead By Daylight Funko Pops.

All Dead By Daylight Funko Pops

  • The Huntress
  • The Wraith
  • The Doctor
  • Claudette Morel

Though the designs of the Funko Pops designs aren’t finalized yet, Behaviour Interactive gave fans an early look at what these Dead By Daylight characters will likely look like in Funko Pop form.