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Who is the bus driver in Fortnite?

They're the hero we need.

Image via Epic Games

The battle bus is a fundamental part of every Fortnite match. Players start theorizing about where to drop as the bus flies over the map and eventually thank them for their service before they free fall to the landmark of their choice.

Despite being a core part of the overall gameplay experience, players can’t see the bus driver’s face or hear their voice no matter the game mode. The bus driver persona grew to be a mysterious part of the game, making the fans wonder who the bus driver could be.

The bus driver is an unknown character in Fortnite.

Epic Games has never officially disclosed the bus driver’s identity, but there have been promotional clips or clips that gave the bus driver a personality.

What does the bus driver look like in Fortnite?

The bus driver appeared as Tomatohead in a 2019 short clip titled “Bus Fulla Tomatoes.” In the video, Jonesy walks into a bus filled with Tomatoheads, including the bus driver, and finds himself a seat at the back of the bus.

In YouTube’s 2018 rewind, streamer Ninja also appeared as the bus driver and even got offended when none of the loopers thanked him while jumping off the battle bus.

The bus driver remaining anonymous opens the way for Epic and other parties to have fun with the role and experiment with various elements.

The bus driver can be anyone and that’s what makes them special.