How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite on every platform

Dot Esports has thanked the Bus Driver. Have you?

Screengrab via Epic Games

A lot has changed in Fortnite over the years, but there have been a few constants that stayed the same. The bus driver is one of the best examples of this.

Though players never got to meet the bus driver in person, they can fight on the same side vs. evil forces. Carrying 100 players over the Fortnite map all day, every day isn’t an easy feat either, meaning the bus driver definitely deserves a simple “thank you” from time to time.

By now, you may have realized waves of players thanking the bus driver before jumping off. If you haven’t done it before and are wondering how you can do it, it’s one of the easiest Easter eggs you can perform in Fortnite, and you’ll be able to thank the bus driver in all of your future matches after learning how you can do it.

How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite

To thank the bus driver, you need to be in the bus before you exit it into a match. While you’re in the bus, press the emote button on your keyboard or controller to say “thank you” to the bus driver. By default these keys will be:

  • PS4, PS5 – Down on the d-pad
  • Xbox One, Xbox One X/S – Down on the d-pad 
  • Nintendo Switch – Down on the d-pad 
  • Mobile/Tablet – Press the emote button
  • PC – Press B

If you don’t press this button before you exit the bus, you’ll be unable to thank the bus driver properly and will need to start a new game to successfully do it.

If you happen to see your name in the chat box after thanking the bus driver, you’ll know you were successful.

What happens when you thank the bus driver in Fortnite?

Thanking the bus driver is just a fun Easter egg that was implemented in Fortnite around 2018. It doesn’t give players and competitive advantage or perks.

From time to time, Epic Games will add challenges that require players to thank the bus driver to complete them. Based on this alone, all Fortnite players get to thank the bus driver one way or another since the majority of the player base will try to complete as many quests as possible throughout a season.