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Where to find The Ruins in Fortnite: Fortnitemares 2020

This is where you can find Midas.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Fortnitemares event is back starting today and there are a handful of new and/or renamed places for players to drop.

You might know The Ruins as a different name. Prior to the patch this morning, the location was called The Authority.

If you’re looking to find The Ruins, you’ll want to go to the island just to the east of Salty Springs and to the southwest of Stark Industries. The Ruins are also northeast of Weeping Woods and northwest of Lazy Lake.

After the Fortnitemares patch started, The Authority underwent a few notable changes and transformed into The Ruins. When you drop there beginning today, the first thing you’ll see is that the wall around its perimeter isn’t there anymore. Instead, you’ll see a number of trees that are made to look haunting.

Meanwhile, the building itself is mostly still intact. But much like a haunted, abandoned house, there are holes in the walls and floors in some places.

Along with The Ruins looking different from The Authority, you’ll also find Shadow Midas here. If you manage to kill the NPC, you can gain access to the Mythic Midas Drum Gun.

Fortnitemares only runs until Nov. 3. After that, The Ruins will likely return to their original condition of being The Authority.