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Where is NPC No. 17 in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6?

No, the NPC No. 17 wasn't kidnapped.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Two, season six went live today with new content, mechanics, and changes to spice up the game. In addition to starting the season with an epic cinematic where players were also a part of it, there are even new NPCs who can potentially be involved in the story as the season progresses.

The season kicked off with 46 NPCs and you can see which ones you’ve interacted with so far in your collection screen. Like the previous season, you’ll be able to claim quests and rewards from these NPCs—and some of them will even be open to duels on the spot.

While we’ve figured out where almost all of the NPCs are located on the map, there’s a fugitive on the run. NPC No. 17, also known as Spark Plug or Robo-Ray, is nowhere to be found since it doesn’t spawn in any of its spawn locations in any game mode.

Two possible scenarios can explain its absence. NPC No. 17 is either bugged or Epic Games just hasn’t added it to Fortnite yet. In case you’d like to check it for yourself at a later date when NPC No. 17 hopefully takes its place on the map, here’s what you need to know about NPC No. 17 in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six.

Where can you find NPC No. 17 in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six?

Screengrab via Epic Games

There are two locations where NPC No. 17 should spawn in Fortnite. The first one is located close to Misty Meadows. Take the west exit from Misty Meadows and continue following the road until it makes a Y. You should be able to find NPC No. 17 in the gas station that will be just below the hill.

The second place where NPC No. 17 should be is another gas station, but this one is located just outside of Slurpy Swamp. Navigate to the north entrance/exit of the landmark and continue moving toward the north. You should see a gas station as you cross the bridge and NPC No. 17 may be waiting for you inside.

Epic hasn’t confirmed why NPC No. 17 is missing from the game at this time. Chances are the developer may add him to the game with an under-the-radar fix, meaning you may need to check NPC No. 17’s location manually to see if he’s available on the map.