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The top 10 Fortnite starter packs

These packs are bargains.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite boasts a plethora of cosmetic items available for purchase that grant a unique appearance to users’ characters.

While many of these can be found in the store as standalone items, many skins are available in bundles with the related back bling, glider, or harvesting tool for that character.

One of the best options for new players is to purchase a starting bundle. These bundles include a single character skin and some accompanying cosmetics along with a small number of V-Bucks to get the player started.

While there are a few different packs, these rotate through the store and are only available for short periods of time.

Here are some of our favorite starter bundles available in Fortnite.

Yellowjacket Pack

Image via Epic Games

Inspired by the movie Kill Bill, the Yellowjacket pack boasts a unique character skin of the same name featuring a vibrant yellow outfit with black highlights. This striking look is well-designed and sure to stand out in-game. Along with the character skin, the bundle also includes a matching pickaxe and back bling. The Backstabber back bling is one of the best in the game. While simple, the backpack holstering a sword is a great addition to any skin.

Cobalt Pack

Image via Epic Games

While there may be less in the pack itself, the Cobalt pack is one of the best starting packs available in the game. The character’s skin is the highlight of this bundle. Cobalt’s appearance is like that of a soldier, but his armor isn’t quite as simple, including a blue faceplate that stems down into the rest of his armor with some impressive blue accents. The back bling along with this skin admittedly is not anything special, however, Cobalt is one of the more popular starting bundles due to the unique character’s appearance.

Red Strike Pack

Image via Epic Games

Another one of the more popular starter packs, Red Strike includes character skin, back bling, and some extra V-bucks. The Red Strike character has a unique look boasting a shattered mask with the damage around the eye revealing a glowing orange eye below. The mask is contrasted with some streetwear clothing and robotic legs. This combination of themes works due to the red, gold, and black color scheme used. The back bling is much of the same, keeping the colors while being a simple backpack with attached blades.

Iris Starter Pack

Image via Epic Games

Offering an alternative vibe to many of the more aggressive-looking starter bundle options, the Iris starter bundle is the most vibrant and colorful choice of the lot. Iris has multiple styles: one with her hoodie on and the other without. Boasting blue hair with a multicolored pink, orange, and dark blue hoodie, this skin is sure to stand out in the game. Along with her character skin, the bundle also includes both a matching back bling and harvesting tool. The back bling appears to be a backpack with a holstered pistol, and the harvesting tool is simply a pickaxe colored to match both the character and her accessories.

Diamond Diva Pack

Image via Epic Games

This is the newest starter pack in Fortnite, having released in season five. As the name suggests, this starter pack is themed after diamonds. Beginning with the character skin Diamond Diva, this look is centered around a silver, diamond-colored pattern from her hair, choice of clothing, and even her hat. While it sounds plain on paper, the skin looks great in-game especially when partnered with the patching harvesting tool and back bling. The harvesting tool is an axe with diamonds on both the blade and handle, while the back bling is simply one large diamond set into a bag with attached diamond-coated grenades.

Street Serpent Pack

Image via Epic Games

Inspired by the Yakuza style, the street serpent pack is one of the best starting packs in the game. The character skin “Seeker” is simply a masked man in a hood. The colors used in this skin are mostly black with orange trim and some red accents. One of these accents is in the mask while the other is reserved for on the Chainstick Pack back bling. The included harvesting tool, Street Blade, is a unique spear with a crescent moon blade attached to the side.

Laguna Starter Pack

Image via FortniteBR

This pack made our list because of its harvest tool that is only available through a purchase of the Laguna Starter Pack. This harvesting tool is a ukulele suiting the Hawaiian theme of the bundle. As for the character skin, Laguna is one of the simpler skins in Fortnite, boasting a red armor plating with some cargo pants. This bundle also includes a weapon skin that is textured like pineapple and some bonus V-Bucks.

Wavebreaker Starter Pack

Image via Epic Games

The only aquatic-themed starter bundle, Wavebreaker appears to be an individual equipped with all the necessary tools to take on the open seas. Boasting the Swell Striker pickaxe and back bling called the Dry Bag, Wavebreaker comes ready with reef shoes and goggles for whatever is thrown at her. This bundle is of great value including three unique cosmetics as well as bonus V-Bucks.

Wilde Starter Pack

Image via FortniteBR

Another of the more unique skins available in these packs, Wilde is a hunter boasting a White Tiger fur jacket. This bundle is styled to suit a hunting trip with the included back bling boasting a massive machete as well as some grenades. This skin might not be for everyone. But for the small price to gain the included items as well as the bonus V-Bucks, this starter pack is a great deal.

Rogue Agent Starter Pack

Image via Epic Games

The name says it all with this bundle. The Rogue Agent skin dresses your character as an agent equipped with camo clothing and some armor for many different environments. Outside of character skin, his accompanying back bling Catalyst is simply just a military-grade backpack. This bundle, like many others, comes with bonus V-Bucks that can be spent on other cosmetics in the store or to purchase the battle pass. If you’re after something simple and cheap, the Rogue Agent bundle is a fantastic option.