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Is Goku from Dragon Ball Z coming to Fortnite?

It's time to go Super Saiyan in Fortnite

Image via Bird Studio

Fortnite is the No. 1 place for entertainment franchises to introduce fan-favorite characters in a new format. The battle royale has evolved to become a representation of popular culture, taking in settings and characters that no one expected. Now, there’s a rumor that a Dragon Ball crossover could be coming to Fortnite.

According to Fortnite data miner Shiina, there are new files showing items that are familiar to fans of the Dragon Ball universe. In the game’s files, two items have been found, including an item that looks like a small capsule and the Capsule Corp logo. The capsules in Dragon Ball are used to transport large objects in a small form and Capsule Corp invented them.

While this isn’t confirmation that Goku is coming to Fortnite, it definitely points to a Dragon Ball crossover in the game at some point. With Goku being the iconic character, it’s likely that he would get his own character in Fortnite out of all the other characters in the anime. Following the success of Naruto last year, Epic would stand to make a lot of money if they added the Saiyan to the game.

No one’s quite sure when the event will drop, but some are speculating that it will come at the same time as the new Dragon Ball movie. Currently, the movie is set to release on Aug. 19, which could point to an early August release date. Since none of this has been confirmed by Epic, this is purely speculation.

Whether or not Epic adds Goku to Fortnite remains to be seen. Fans will need to keep an eye on Fortnite‘s social media channels for an official announcement.