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Here’s the new map for Fortnite Chapter 2

Drop in and take it for a spin.

Image via Epic Games

Say goodbye to the iconic Fortnite map you’ve spent hours building and blasting on.

After staring at a dark hole for days Fortnite fans can finally dive into the game’s second chapter. In addition to a ton of new gameplay features, Fortnite Chapter 2 will also feature a new map.

Image via Epic Games

You can say goodbye to the Greasy Grove and hello to the Slurpy Swamp. The new map features a ton of hilariously named new locations. Just like the original Fortnite map, the designers at Epic decided to stick to their theme of pallet pleasing alliteration.

In addition to freshly named locations, the map also features a variety of different land formations and weather. The area just to the right of Misty Meadows looks like it will be able to give you your snow fix. Slurpy Swamp and the Weeping Woods look like they’re experiencing wet weather. And Sweaty Sands is there if you’re feeling a day at the beach.

You can drop in and check out all the new locations right now in Fortnite Chapter 2.