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Fortnite McFarlane action figures are already available for pre-order

Four characters are available, and they all come with a weapon, a back bling, and a pickaxe.

Image via McFarlane Toys

McFarlane toys has officially revealed the details of its first Fortnite action figures. Todd McFarlane, the owner of the McFarlane Toys brand, announced the company’s first set of Fortnite toys on Twitter today.

The set includes action figures for Black Knight, Raptor, Cuddle Team Leader, and the fan-favorite Skull Trooper. All of them have over 22 moving parts and come with a weapon, back bling, and a pickaxe.

These figures and the Rainbow Smash harvesting tool are available for pre-order and have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $24.99. McFarlane Toys hopes to ship this first batch of toys this fall.

The store description of the four Fortnite action figures indicates they are hyper-articulate and “perfect for emote posing.” They all come with a Fortnite-branded display base, which helps them stand tall at their seven inches.

Each figure comes with its own weapon. Fans who buy all figures will have the Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, the legendary Assault Rifle, a Grenade Launcher and the vaulted Drum Gun.

The partnership between the Fortnite company Epic Games and the toy brand McFarlane toys was announced in late July. It is not known at this time how many other action figures McFarlane Toys will create with Epic Games.