Fortnite Competitive teases The Daily Bugle map change next week

JJ's gonna need a new place to harass Spider-Man.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite’s map is constantly evolving and changing with new POIs and Landmarks dotting the island. Many players come back each update to see how the map has changed and how it makes players reassess their strategy. In Fortnite Chapter Three, season three, the map has mini Reality Trees forming all across the island, and one’s about to change The Daily Bugle for good.

According to the official Fortnite Competitive Twitter, “a northeast POI will be getting a major change in the next game update.” The account made this announcement to give players in the Battle Royale Console Champions Cup a heads up, but it also gives confirmation about what many suspected. The Reality Bloom that just appeared at The Daily Bugle yesterday will likely form into a tree and change the POI.

This is the second time the Competitive account has pointed out an upcoming map change, with the last time being a couple of weeks ago when Shuffled Shrines appeared. This Indiana Jones-themed landmark offers a unique new puzzle that players can solve for gold and high-quality loot rewards. The Daily Bugle will obviously be a much bigger change to a popular POI.

No one is quite sure what the POI will look like, although some data miners have said it will be called “The Daily Bloomgle.” Because it’s coming in a future update, Fortnite hasn’t put any of the files for this in the game yet, so data miners have nothing but to speculate, with rumors about everything from something Dragon Ball related to a shuffled set of landmarks like other POIs.

Fans won’t have to wait long to see what appears with the next update scheduled for early in the morning on Aug. 16.