Massive improvements are coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale’s building system

The 3.0 update is going to be huge.

Image via Epic Games

Tomorrow’s 3.0 update to Fortnite: Battle Royale keeps sounding better. Epic Games is now adding improvements to the game’s building system to the update, the company announced today.

There are four main changes coming to how building works, and they each sound better than the last. The aim is to “allow you to both be in the heat of battle and still craft that clutch set of stairs.”

The first tweak is called Turbo Building, and it allows you to hold down primary fire to continuously place a selected building piece. Epic says you can now “paint” building pieces into the world very quickly, and it will be useful for building walls around you and sprinting up ramps while building simultaneously.

The second change is the addition of automatic material swapping. This will change your building materials when your currently supply runs dry, and will come in handy when under fire and frantically trying to build around you.

One of the most welcome changes is the ability to “build through stuff.” This is huge, as objects like trees, rocks, and vehicles can block your build at the most inopportune times. Now, you can build “pretty much anywhere at any time” so long as the structures are supported by terrain and other buildings.

Finally, switching building pieces should feel more smooth now. Epic has changed the network code so cycling through different pieces no longer requires a round trip to Epic’s servers.

Season three of Battle Royale is shaping up to be a big one, featuring new skins, gameplay improvements, new music, and more. It’s scheduled to go live early tomorrow morning, Feb. 22.