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Everything to know about the Fortnite and Doctor Who crossover

The Doctor has brought his universe to Fortnite with an unofficial collaboration.

Image via BBC

We are nearing the end of Fortnite Chapter Three, season one, and fans are eager to see what collaborations Epic Games has planned. Now, the Doctor and Daleks from Doctor Who have made their way to the island in an unofficial partnership.

The official Doctor Who YouTube channel announced different themed areas, which are meant to give players a look into the world of the Doctor. The creators also included the Island Code: 3610-1396-4646. This will take you to the main hub island, in front of a broken Tardis.

On the first island, you should look around for the BrightCore Ore hidden around the island. You’ll do this to repair the newest version of the Tardis, which is bigger on the inside. 

You can get some pieces by answering trivia and others by completing different obstacle courses. You only need to collect four pieces of the BrightCore, even though there are more on that island. Once you fix the Tardis, you’ll be awarded a spray code.

To unlock the spray, you’ll need to go to the Epic Games Store webpage, hover over your username, and click redeem a code. The code to unlock the Tardis spray in Fortnite is JFCXK-HCJ5U-A2946-5DZBK. 

You can just copy this code without completing the obstacle course and other puzzles. Make sure you claim it by March 24 at 4pm CT because it will be unavailable after that time. 

Once you complete the main island, the player is invited to try out the four other Doctor Who-themed levels. The first is a close-quarters box fight in the Kerblam Warehouse, where the Doctor was needed, filled with a giant robot workforce. The next is an escape room situation where the player has to get away from a Pting destroying the ship.

The third level is a climactic battle on Gallifrey between the Time Lord and the Dalek teams as they recreate The Last Great Time War. Lastly, players can look at the Doctor Who museum and become more familiar with the friends and foes of Tardis past.

There has been speculation that this may point to future collaboration, but no official word has been given. The official video even says that Epic Games doesn’t endorse the levels, so as much as some would like for some of the Doctors to be added to Fortnite, there are no hints of crossovers at the moment.

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