Everything included in the Fortnite Chapter 2, season 8 battle pass

It's one of the best ones yet.

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A new season of Fortnite always comes with a battle pass that’s packed with various cosmetic items. Based on the storyline, players meet new characters who are a part of the adventure through battle pass skins and other cosmetic items.

Fortnite’s battle passes tend to be packed with skins, harvesting tools, emotes, wraps, gliders, and even sprays. If you have time to max out your battle pass, it’ll pay for itself since there are also V-Bucks rewards.

Getting a battle pass is one of the best ways to expand your skin collection and it gives each season a sense of purpose alongside the main storyline. Chapter Two, season eight’s battle pass also continues with the new reward claiming system that was introduced during the last season, allowing players to unlock the rewards they choose instead of unlocking them through tiers.

Though each battle pass page includes awesome sprays, emotes, and music packs, most players will be after the skins and harvesting tools that tend to be the shiniest items in most battle passes.

Here are all the cosmetics in Fortnite Chapter Two, season eight’s battle pass.

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