TEPPEN celebrates first anniversary with new set and hero

A pawsitively superb new update is coming to TEPPEN.

Image via TEPPEN

TEPPEN is about to celebrate its first anniversary on July 4 with a new set and the 13th hero joining the roster next month. 

Felyne, a cat-like creature from the Monster Hunter series known for helping hunters with various tasks, brings his unique set of skills to the game and will be partnering with Nero from Devil May Cry to bring out the most of his abilities. 

Image via TEPPEN

Felyne will be the fourth Green Hero added to the game, pairing up with his apparent partner Nero, along with Chun-Li and X. His three new Hero Arts also bring something interesting to the table with some actual support for the Tribe listing on Unit cards. 

  • Shieldspire
    • Give a friendly unit +3 HP and “Reduces damage taken of three or less to one.
  • Coral Orchestra
    • Select one friendly unit. All units in your hand and EX Pocket that are the same Tribe as the selected units get -1 MP
  • Plunderblade
    • Steal one random card from your opponent’s deck and add it to your EX Pocket.

Along with Felyne, a new set called Adventures of a Tiny Hero will also be added to the game. This set will bring dozens of new cards, including a card set that will tell the story of Felyne’s multiple grand adventures—which will also be told in the new story campaign. 

Image via TEPPEN

Since this is a celebration of the game’s anniversary, extra bonuses are also being added to the game. Login bonuses, extra gifts, and more will all be given out to players on or around July 4, with more details still to come. 

Among the standard news, a new Season Pass is now on sale and the next Ranked Season, Ranked Match “Nero,” has begun. And in a big update, matchmaking in Ranked Matches will now work to match players with opponents closer to their own rank, rather than just vaguely in the same tier. 

There were also some extensive changes to the other Hero’s Hero Arts, which you can view on the official TEPPEN website.