Tekken 7’s ranking system explained

Here's everything you need to know.

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Tekken 7 is the latest entry in the franchise and stands as one of the most popular fighting games currently.

The game boasts a reasonably balanced roster with a variety of different fighter styles at the player’s disposal.

One feature that keeps players coming back for more is the addition of ranked play. In this mode, players can put their skills to the test against others from all around the globe to see just how well they stack up.

Tekken 7’s ranked system is fully fleshed out with a variety of ranks and titles to earn along the way. But the system can be confusing to some players in regards to what are the best ways to get the most out of your games.

In this article, we’ll explain the basics of how Tekken 7’s ranked mode works and detail the best approach to ranking up.

How does Tekken 7’s ranked mode work?

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In Tekken 7 players are awarded two separate ranks. The first is for offline play and will show you how your skill has stacked up offline, and the other is for ranked play and will be the one most players focus on.

Both ranks will increase or decrease through winning and losing games. There’s no other way to increase these rankings without playing games. For online play, the system can be quite confusing to new players.

The ranked mode in Tekken 7 works on a points system. This means with each game players will either gain or lose points depending on the result. As players accumulate more points, they’ll receive a promotion into a new rank with the idea being to find exactly what skill level the player has.

How to rank up in online play

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Players can customize the skill level of the opponents they are matched against. In the menu, there’s an option to increase the rank of opponents that are found by positive and negative amounts.

Positive amounts will mean you are ranked with players who boast a ranking above yours equal to the value selected. Negative amounts have the same function but are inverted, meaning you’ll be matched with lower-level players.

The fastest way to rank up in Tekken 7 is simply to face opponents with the same ranking as your own.

Victories against opponents of this level will give you the most points towards leveling up, whereas defeating players who are different ranks will decrease the reward earned substantially for each rank distant the player is.

Tekken 7 uses this system so players who choose to take on higher-ranked opponents do not suffer as harshly should they lose the game, and at the same time, those who fight lower-ranked opponents do not gain the reward they would have taking on someone who shares the same ranking.

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Since ranks are unique to each fighter, some players may find that when losing to a player of the same rank their penalty is lower than usual. This is because their opponent has a different fighter with a higher rank.

The game will notify players when their match is for a promotion or demotion by displaying a banner on the screen. As you progress playing games if you have strung together multiple wins, you will be placed in a promotional match, and winning will move your profile to the next rank. Alternatively, if you have suffered multiple back-to-back losses, you will be placed in a demotion match that must be won, otherwise your rank will be demoted.

Ranks in Tekken 7

There are 46 ranks in total that can be worked through in Tekken 7 with a variety of different titles to match.

In offline mode, players will start their ranked journey with the title of Beginner. Following your first promotion, you will be placed into ninth Kyu.

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Kyu is the first set of ranks in Tekken 7. As players progress, they will rank up through Kyu 9 to Kyu 1 before entering the Dan ranks.

Similarly to Kyu, there are multiple Dan ranks with the first four simply being the first to fourth Dan.

For online play, the ranks begin at the first Dan.

Once you reach the fourth Dan, the ranks start gaining unique titles of their own, with the first being Initiate and the final thirty-fifth Dan being True Tekken God.

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The following ranks can be broken down into tiers, with each being more difficult to achieve than the last.

There’s one final level available after reaching Dan 35, which is aptly the hundredth Dan, Tekken God Prime.

Reaching this can be done by being promoted from True Tekken God, but gaining this rank is unbelievably difficult and something players will have to be committed to obtaining.

Leveling through the ranks does not change during the process between any titles, however. As the player’s skill level rises, you may be required to put together more wins to accumulate the points to achieve a rank up.

In Tekken 7, your rank is unique to each fighter. This means if you choose to use another fighter, you will begin at a lower rank. Fortunately, changes have been made so you do not start from beginner, and instead are allocated a rank based on where your highest ranked fighter is at.