26 December 2017 - 17:32

Smash Bros. 4 is getting a Melee HD mod

A team of fans has come together to deliver the community's long-awaited dream.
Image via Nintendo

Smash Bros. fans are getting a Smash Bros. Melee HD port in the form of a new mod for Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Melee is arguably the best Smash Bros. game created and is still played competitively at major tournaments like Evo. The game had a lot of mechanics built in to give it more depth, which separated the casual player form the competitive gamer, such as wavedashing and L-cancelling, that were major inclusions in Smash Bros. Melee's mechanics.

With no Melee HD release in sight, a few fans have rallied together to create a Melee HD mod for Smash Bros. for Wii U.

The mod changes the moves of characters in Smash Bros. 4, reverting them back to the moves they had in Melee. The team has also changed the new fighters added in Smash Bros. 4, like Megaman and Ryu, with some Melee mechanics.

The mod is available right now for download and a fan has released a tutorial on how to set up the game if players want to try it out for themselves.

Companies have used fans' hopes for a Melee HD game in the past to their advantage. Brawlhalla, a game made by Blue Mammoth studios, even created a fake Melee HD trailer as an April Fool's joke to advertise its own game.

Whether or not Nintendo will finally cater to fans' requests in the future and release a HD port of the popular Nintendo Gamecube title is still anyone's guess.

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