New Tekken 7 mod replaces Josie with Final Fantasy’s Tifa

The modder isn't fully done, but they added in a popular character through hard work.

Screengrab via Square Enix

There’s a dedicated community of fans that spend hours modding their favorite characters into various fighting games, and the most recent high-quality example is Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VI, who was added into Tekken 7

Not only does this mod replace Josie with a fully playable model of Tifa, but it also adds in multiple outfits and voice lines too, all pulled from Final Fantasy VI Remake

As of now, PC players who download this mod for Tekken 7 will have access to five fully colorable costumes, including Tifa’s classic look, her outfit from Advent Children, a mature and sporty dress, and her cowgirl-style outfit too. The Tifa voice pack is also available but is still being worked on because some lines aren’t finished or fully replaced yet. 

Additionally, HUD replacements and an announcer for Tifa on the character screen have also been added. 

In a separate mod, modder Wolfe has also released a custom stage based on Midgar, with both a night and day variant included. This custom stage will replace the G Corp Helipad.

Wolfe said he spent around 500 hours over the last month and a half working on this mod and plans on adding more to it in the future. His main focus will be adding Tifa’s exotic dress to the game and adding custom stage music for Midgar.

There are still some issues that Wolfe is working on too, including various problems with Tifa’s hair physics and other visual bugs.