Lidia Sobieska and Island Paradise stage coming to Tekken 7 on March 23

The Polish prime minister is hitting the beach and a lot of other fighters.

Screengrab via Bandai Namco

With the conclusion of Bandai Namco’s King of the Hill series, fans finally were treated to the reveal trailer for Lidia Sobieska, the newest fighter to join Tekken 7 as part of its season four DLC on March 23. 

The Polish prime minister was teased during the second Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable broadcast exactly one month ago. But now, fans got to see her in action on the new Island Paradise stage.

Lidia has a fast and direct fighting style, which seems to use multiple counter/parry moves and quick attacks to disrupt her opponent’s momentum. She also makes several comments about fighting with honor for her people, so that might play into why her approach to battling is so upfront. 

She’s an entirely new fighter, too, having never appeared in a previous Tekken title.

Along with Lidia’s full reveal, players also got a nice surprise in the form of Island Paradise, the new stage that will be releasing with the fighter as part of the next DLC. It provides some nice contrast to most of the stages already featured in Tekken 7 and even features a remixed version of Tekken 5’s Poolside music—and maybe some of the Tekken 4 Kitsch (Beach Stage) OST too. 

Both Lidia and the Island Paradise stage will launch on March 23 as part of the season four pass. Players who purchase the DLC for $14.99 will also receive access to Kunmitisu and the Vermillion Gates stage that were already available. 

This is the last bit of DLC that has been confirmed for Tekken 7’s fourth season, so another announcement might be coming soon to talk about the future of the game.