LeBron James, Rick and Morty joining MultiVersus roster

The Space Jam is finally here.

Screengrab via Warner Bros. Games

The teasers were true: the King of the Court, LeBron James, is coming to MultiVersus when the open beta fully launches on July 26. But he won’t be joining the fighting game on his own; Rick and Morty are also set to arrive in the fighting game for its first season.

That’s right—basketball superstar LeBron James is going to be taking on Batman, Bugs Bunny, and the Iron Giant in a fighting game. And he looks like he can easily hold his own with some very creative moves that mostly involve using a basketball as a weapon, as showcased during his San Diego Comic-Con reveal trailer today.

From throwing the ball and hitting opponents from a distance to dunking them into oblivion, you can slam and jam using the version of LeBron featured in Space Jam 2. He is voiced by John Bentley, likely best known for his work as Barrett in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Nick Fury in various Marvel projects, and more.

The NBA star will be the first additional playable character added to MultiVersus with the open beta, following the Iron Giant, who was added during early access last week. He is a Bruiser-class fighter, which means he will focus on getting in close and disrupting his opponents.

We already saw some details about LeBron leak in previous updates, including some of the interactions he has with characters in the game. Alongside that, other characters like Rick and Morty from Rick and Morty were also shown on a slide during the MultiVersus panel alongside LeBron at San Diego Comic-Con. Rick’s map was even shown during the LeBron trailer. 

Both Rick and Morty will be added as part of season one for the game, with Morty set to launch first on Aug. 9. Rick’s gameplay will be centered around his portal gun and other gadgets, while Morty will be a projectile character with plenty of counters to throw out.

You can expect even more character reveals and info to be shared in the coming weeks, with Warner Bros. hosting a $100,000 MultiVersus tournament at Evo 2022, which kicks off on Aug. 7.