Mediatonic has revealed what’s inside of a Fall Guy—and it’s genuinely horrifying

Sometimes, memes go too far.

Image via Mediatonic

Pack it up, it’s time to go home. The Fall Guys social media account has gone too far.

Today, Mediatonic asked its followers if people wanted to see “what’s really inside of a Fall Guy,” and it was met with a resounding yes. The attached poll said that 89.3 percent of those who answered were ready to see it.

They were wrong.

Just a couple of hours later, Mediatonic posted the above nightmare fuel, forever ruining the cuteness of Fall Guys. The adorableness of their sounds and actions can no longer be enjoyed.

The X-ray of the Fall Guy shows a contorted, mutated humanoid inside. They have elongated necks and arms and their legs bend like that of a dinosaur.

And the eyes? Oh, the eyes are truly the stuff of nightmares. Just look at how they extend from the putrid skull to peer out through the Fall Guy’s suit.

Who let this happen? How did we stray so far from the lighthearted fun of Fall Guys summer? Kudos to the artist, Fall Guys senior concept artist Tudor Morris, but also, how dare you.

We’re still over a month away from Halloween, but Fall Guys is now already the most terrifying game of the year.