How to grab in Fall Guys

Grab your way to a crown.

Image via Mediatonic/Epic Games

Fall Guys is a simple game when it comes down to it: you make your way around and through courses full of obstacles, hoping to be the first to the finish line or the last one standing.

Players usually accomplish this by running and jumping, the two main mechanical features of Fall Guys’ gameplay, as well as diving, which can give players an extra bit of forward momentum when they need it. There is one much-lesser used mechanic in Fall Guys, but one that’s necessary to learn if players want to succeed: grabbing.

Technically, players can grab any other players any time they want. You’ve probably seen it happen at the end of an obstacle course or race when a player that finishes ahead of most of the field tries to grab players and prevent them from finishing. There are practical and non-annoying uses for the grab, though. 

Players have to use grab if they want to do well while playing any game that involves tails, for example. You get a tail by grabbing another player, transferring the tail to you. Players can also grab onto ledges that are too high up for them to jump directly onto by successfully executing a grab, or attaching to trapezes for a big boost to speed and distance. You can even push other players off of a platform in a survival game like Block Party or Roll Out to give yourself an advantage.

Knowing how to grab will give your Fall Guys finishes a big boost. But you need to know how to do it if you want to use a grab in-game.

How to grab in Fall Guys

Fortunately, grabbing in Fall Guys is pretty simple if you know the controls. If you’re playing on PC, hit the Shift button to hold your arms out. On consoles, you can do the same by holding the right trigger (R2 on PlayStation, RT on Xbox, and ZR on Switch).

Once your arms are held out, you can grab. Hold the button and run into another player to grab them. If you’re trying to get up on a ledge, hold onto the grab button while you jump through the air. You should attach to the wall, and pushing the movement button forward will let your character climb up.

If you need to use a trapeze, simply hold onto the grab button while jumping for the trapeze, and you’ll grab on. Make sure you keep the button held down while swinging on the trapeze, as letting go of the button will cause you to fall off. If you release the grab button at the end of the trapeze’s swing, you can get maximum distance off of the trapeze.

Master these techniques, and you’ll be grabbing like a pro in no time.