All Banners added to Fall Guys season 2

Be a shining star.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys season two just kicked off today and, among other things, players now have access to “Banners” that are displayed around your character names and nicknames.

While Banner choices are relatively sparse at the moment, there are six options that players have to choose from. But it’s almost inevitable that more will be added.


The first Banner option is a pink background with a badge that has a star cut out in it. The option is perhaps the most basic of the Banner options with not much else going on. The pink in the background is accented slightly with darker pink waves going through it. 


Similar to the Star option, the Crown doesn’t have a lot in the way of complexity. The golden crown comes with a background of waves in different shades of blue. 


Who doesn’t like a slice of pepperoni pizza? Using this Banner, you can show off your love of food. 

As you might expect, the pizza comes with a yellow background that appears to have more little translucent pizzas.


This might be the busiest Banner in the game right now. With the main badge as a rainbow flag rippling in the wind, the purple background is accented by small translucent rainbows. The rainbows sit on fluffy white clouds.


City has the most intricate background of any of the game’s Banners. With a light green background, the Banner has the silhouette of a metropolitan city skyline that sits behind a character’s name and nickname.


This Banner is simple but sweet. It has a slice of watermelon as the main icon and, in the background, players get the delightful aesthetic of a watermelon’s green skin that has ripples of darker green throughout.