Small Dota 2 matchmaking update improves queue times for trios

Two's company, three's a crowd.

dota 2 three spirits
Image via Valve

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Valve has tweaked Dota 2‘s match algorithm once again. Reverting a previous change, three-player parties will now be eligible to match up against five-player stacks in extreme cases.

The developer previously didn’t allow three-player parties to match against solo players and full parties in a continuous effort to improve Dota 2‘s matchmaking. Three-person parties will still be unable to find matches with solo players, though, with Valve acknowledging that it’ll be “undesirable to some players.”

The community might have mixed feelings about the changes, but Dota 2 fans can agree that having Valve’s constant communication on the matter is a breath of fresh air.

Valve also released some statistics about the new Fast Queue system, designed mostly to help core players obtain their desired roles by sacrificing a few games as a fill-in role. Fast queue appears to have improved queue times for a majority of players and only a small percentage of players have to wait over 10 minutes for a game.

With Dota 2‘s declining player base, Valve has spared no effort in rebuilding its matchmaking engine from the ground up, promising that the outcome will be “an ideal time for brand new players to join in as well as for existing players to invite their friends into the game with the help of a better new player ramp.”