How to get to the Confluence in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2

Approach the throne.

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The Dreaming City has become a focal point for much of the story and activities of Destiny 2‘s current season, the Season of the Lost. But one of the most important and sought-after locations in the game doesn’t appear on any Dreaming City map.

Tucked right behind the Blind Well is the Confluence, a system of tunnels that connect the Harbinger’s Seclude, Spine of Keres, and Gardens of Esila areas. The Confluence also lets you access the Shattered Throne dungeon, but finding the Confluence isn’t the easiest task to accomplish.

Don’t worry Guardian, we’re here to help.

How to reach the Confluence in the Dreaming City in Destiny 2

There are a few portals to the Confluence in the Dreaming City, but we’ll start with the easiest one to access. Arrive at Divalian Mists at the Dreaming City, then head to the northeast corner of that zone and pass through the crystal gate that takes you to the Spine of Keres. Once you follow the path and jump the gaps to the Spine, hug the wall on your left until you reach a bridge. Don’t cross the bridge, but follow the pathway to your immediate right that goes down, and it will take you into a cave with a Taken portal.

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Go through the portal and you’ll arrive in a strange area, but follow the long corridor down to the room with the big glowing crystal. You are now in the Confluence, and just past that is its main room. The main room has gateways to four primary areas. The three gateways with two banners each will lead you to the other Taken portals. You can go through those to see where you can access the Confluence from other spots on the Dreaming City map.

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Explore around the massive halls of the Confluence and you’ll find a lot of closed doors and statues, but also the Taken portals that take you to Harbinger’s Seclude and Gardens of Esila. If you go to the fourth gateway, you can reach the entrance to the Shattered Throne dungeon, but only if you have the Forsaken expansion.

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Since the Shattered Throne dungeon took place in Eleusinia, Queen Mara Sov’s throne world, the return of Mara Sov this season might indicate that players will need to travel back to Confluence either some time this season or in the future when The Witch Queen releases. If that day ever comes, now you’ll know how to get there in a hurry.