How to get The Title SMG in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2‘s Guardian Games 2022 introduced the shiny new The Title SMG, the first weapon to boast the Guardian Games-exclusive Classy Contender origin trait. In 2023, Bungie added the Taraxippos scout rifle to the loot pool, giving players an option for a Strand-aligned scout. The Title didn’t get left behind, though: it also got some new perks up its sleeve to bring it in line with the Lightfall sandbox, including perks such as Envious Assassin and Repulsor Brace.

The secret ingredient for The Title lies in its origin trait, Classy Contender. Kills with this weapon provide approximately five percent ability energy, which can add up when you’re taking down several adds. It’s a unique perk that has only been in Guardian Games weapons so far, and it offers the potential for other combinations.

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Despite that, however, The Title continues to have some stiff competition against it. Funnelweb continues to reign over Void SMGs since its release in The Witch Queen, and Duality’s Unforgiven provides a contender in the same archetype, but with a much better perk pool.

If you’re hunting down a copy of The Title, you’re likely to obtain heaps of them by engaging with the Guardian Games activities. Don’t miss out on the window, though: once the event ends, The Title will likely only become available next year.

How can I get The Title SMG in Destiny 2‘s Guardian Games 2023?

You can get your first copy of The Title by banking your first Medallion as part of Guardian Games activities. Banking the first medallion is a requirement to unlock the rest of your event challenges and progress the multiple Guardian Games quests you’ll find, so you’ll take care of this objective rather quickly.

If you don’t have the Best in Class quest, talk to Eva Levante on the Tower to obtain your Guardian Games class item and start the event tutorial. After finishing your first activity with your new class item equipped, you’ll get a Medallion. Deposit it to finish the In It to Win It event challenge, which scores you a drop of The Title and opens up the rest of the Guardian Games activities.

After that, you can continue to obtain further copies of both The Title and Taraxippos by depositing Medallions at the class monument in the Tower, located right in front of the spawn. Keep track of your progress through the Medallion Case. You can also try your hand at the Shoot to Score quest, which requires you to dive into the Guardian Games Competitive playlist.

We’ve written this article based on the 2023 edition of the Guardian Games (Hotfix We’ll update it when the process changes.


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