How to get a guaranteed red-border (Deepsight) chest in King’s Fall in Destiny 2

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Screengrab via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s King’s Fall raid offers a myriad of weapons for all players to obtain and showers them with loot (before the weekly lockout kicks in). In addition to drops from all five encounters (and the intro area) and three secret chests, players can also obtain a chest that drops a guaranteed Deepsight weapon each week, as spotted by content creator Skarrow9.

Players may already be familiar with the guaranteed red-border chest in a raid thanks to Vow of the Disciple (also discovered by Skarrow9), and for those who already know how to get it, the process is going to be relatively similar in King’s Fall. There are nine possible symbols spread around the Dreadnought, and players must shoot three randomly selected ones each time they load into the raid. To unlock the red-border chest, though, the fireteam has to complete the whole raid in one go, without any checkpoints.

The nine symbols are spread from top to bottom of King’s Fall, from the first jumping puzzle to Oryx’s boss room. To know which three runes to shoot, head to the area with the portal that leads into the actual raid and look for the three symbols on the ceiling and walls. You’ll need to shoot a panel that will light up each symbol. The panels glow with Hive flames, so they’re relatively easy to spot even in the dark. Here’s what you need to know to find the guaranteed chest.

Guaranteed Deepsight (red-border) chest in King’s Fall in Destiny 2

Here are all the symbols that may appear, based on a screengrab from the Ishtar Collective. Since there are no clear-cut names for all the Hive symbols, we’ve edited the image to include the number of each symbol based on the order they appear in the raid.

Image via The Ishtar Collective | Remix via Pedro Peres

All Hive symbol locations for the guaranteed Deepsight chest in King’s Fall

  • First: In the pendulum jumping puzzle, jump to the first pendulum and look around to spot this symbol below the ledge you came from.
  • Second: After you get the first secret chest (right after you finish the tombship puzzle by standing on the plates), look above the door where the secret chest is to shoot this one. After you’ve cleared the barrier on the tombship, you can also try to reach the ledge on the right to find it.
  • Third: After completing the Totems encounter, head to the room on the left (from the spawn) and look for this symbol on a ledge. Standing on the nearby platforms helps you get a better view of it.
  • Fourth: In the Warpriest encounter, go up the stairs on the right side to find a ledge with this symbol on the wall on the right of the door.
  • Fifth: After jumping past the last hole in Golgoroth’s Cellar, turn around to find this symbol on the hole.
  • Sixth: In the Golgoroth boss area, jump down to the ground (where the blights fall) and look to your left to find a hidden room with this symbol on it.
  • Seventh: In the jumping puzzle after Golgoroth, head to the area with the third hidden chest to find this one on a wall by it.
  • Eighth: At the end of the jumping puzzle, look above you and on the ceiling of a nearby doorway to spot this symbol.
  • Ninth: Once you enter the area with the Sisters/Oryx encounters, look behind you and above the doorway to snag the last symbol.