Destiny 2 Chicken error explanation and fixes

Haha, Bungie called you a chicken.

Image via Bungie

When it rains, it pours. And as Destiny 2 fans attempt to enjoy a new season of content, a spike in “CHICKEN” error messages received has popped up. Don’t be alarmed, though. It has nothing to do with your virtual feathered friend, for those of you equipped with the Poultry Petting emote.

But it’s going to affect your ability to play Destiny 2 as a whole. Bungie’s official Help Twitter account reported a rise in the CHICKEN error code after the launch of the Season of the Splicer earlier today. This followed a spike in players receiving the “HONEYDEW” error code, as well as an announcement that maintenance would be extended by three hours.

The CHICKEN error code occurs when players are having connection issues to Destiny 2, according to the Help section on Bungie’s website. The HONEYDEW error, in comparison, is explicitly a Bungie issue. In the help section of its website, Bungie recommends a series of solutions for players to try and improve their internet connection:

  1. A wired connection is recommended to play Destiny. If the connection is being used for other things when playing Destiny, such as streaming, it’s recommended to quit those programs.
  2. Clear the Console Cache or clear the download cache in the Steam launcher.
  3. Power cycling the main router/modem.
  4. Review the guide on improving latency and packet loss.
  5. Follow the Networking Troubleshooting Guide for best optimizing the connection to Destiny, and the Advanced Steps Networking Guide for possible router solutions, including information on UPnP, NAT, and Port Forwarding.
  6. This may be an internet service provider issue, so players may need to contact their provider about possible service interruptions.
  7. If players still encounter this issue after following the previous steps, please create a thread in our #Help Forum

But the tweet from @BungieHelp about the spike in the number of CHICKEN errors seems to indicate there are still some server issues on the side of Bungie, so your connection at home might be fine. You can try the above solutions, but if you’re still waiting on Bungie to finish its maintenance, you might just need to be patient. The team at Bungie said to expect maintenance to last for a few more hours, up until around 4pm CT. But it doesn’t expect any downtime during the maintenance process.

If you’re still having this issue days or weeks after the season’s release while everyone else is playing fine, however, you might need to revisit the steps above.