Norse disbands and severs ties with RFRSH

The Norwegian roster had been struggling for some time.

Norway’s premier Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad has parted ways with its roster. The organization will also be terminating its partnership with RFRSH Entertainment.

Consisting of the Norweigan roster known as Deadweight, Norse, which was led by Morten “zEVES” Vollan, was established on Sept. 30. In the roughly seven months since then, the squad fell short of achieving any noteworthy results, which seems to be the underlying reason for Norse disbanding.

During their final two months together, Norse struggled with securing a permanent fifth player for the roster. Martin “cENTRYZ” Brandal, one of the most senior CS:GO players from Norway, left the squad on March 13—roughly one month after being benched by the team.

RFRSH CEO Nikolaj Nyholm claims that the team had “taken steps and moved in the right direction” since their partnership with RFRSH began. In the end, however, the players on Norse “did not wish to continue as a team,” according to Nyholm. As such, the two parties parted ways amicably.

Norse was the only Norwegian team under the RFRSH umbrella, which is focused on establishing elite CS:GO teams in the Scandinavian region. RFRSH does still represent some of Scandinavia’s biggest teams, including Astralis, Heroic, and GODSENT.

zEVES has expressed a desire to remain in the esports industry, but not as a player. Instead, the in-game leader will be focusing on becoming a professional coach.