One of France’s best Counter-Strike lineups signs with G2

One of the premiere French lineups in Counter-Strike has found a new home

One of the premiere French lineups in Counter-Strike has found a new home.

The former Titan lineup has joined up with G2 Esports today. The squad were forced to look for a new home after the Titan organization closed it doors just a few weeks ago. Not long after that, G2 sold its Counter-Strike lineup to FaZe Clan in a deal worth $700,000.

Kevin “Ex6tenz” Droolans, Cédric “RPK” Guipouy, Richard “Shox” papillon, Edouard “Smithzz” Dubourdeaux, and Adil “Scream” Benrlitom make up the five man roster and will be joined by long-time manager Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries. All members of the lineup are considered veterans of the scene, with Papillon and Benrlitom bringing the star power.

The lineup will debut for G2 at the Game Show Global eSports Cup finals in the coming week.

“This group of passionate, skillful and professional players and managers is determined to get back to the top,” G2’s Chief Gaming Officer, Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski commented on the signing. “We have no doubts that they will achieve their goals and we will throw all our energy and support behind them”

Team manager Sudries, meanwhile, said they were “proud and happy” to join the organization, and that the team’s main goals going forward are “to get back to the top of the CS:GO rankings”.

The lineup failed to live up to expectations under the Titan banner. The most important challenge coming up for G2 is the offline qualifier for the MLG Columbus major later this month.

Photo via DreamHack/Flickr (All rights reserved, used with permission)