Evil Geniuses eliminate FURIA to advance to ESL Pro League season 11 North America grand finals

EG and Liquid will play each other tomorrow at the grand finals.

Photo via StarLadder

Evil Geniuses defeated FURIA 2-0 today at the ESL Pro League season 11 North America decider.

With this result, the two North American CS:GO giants, Liquid and EG will clash tomorrow at the EPL season 11 North America best-of-five grand finals. Liquid will have a 1-0 map advantage though, since they came from the upper bracket.

It was looking that EG would have an easy walk in the park after they defeated FURIA 16-10 on Vertigo, the Brazilians’ map pick. EG were dominating on Inferno and even won the first half 12-3. But FURIA reacted when they were 8-15 behind and brought the game to the 30th round, when EG woke up and closed it out 16-14.

Nobody stood out on EG’s side since it was a series where their tactical prowess prevailed. Three of their players put very similar numbers: stanislaw ended with 44 kills, while Ethan and Brehze finished with 43 kills each.

EG had been a bit shaky in the past weeks, but today they were looking confident against FURIA and went for aggressive plays several times. It may be too soon to say, but this might as well be the beginning of EG’s “honeymoon phase” with their new head coach Wilton “zews” Prado, who faced his first matchup today with the North American stars.

Zews may be a decisive piece to defeat Liquid. The Brazilian coach trained Liquid for two years between 2016 and 2018 and worked with every Liquid player apart from Stewie2K.

Liquid and EG will face each other for the EPL season 11 North America trophy tomorrow at 3pm CT.