CS:GO now has its own Battle Royale community server

The popular game mode can now be played in Counter-Strike.

Image via Go4TheKill

A smaller scale version of the Battle Royale game mode has finally come to CS:GO.

Kinsi, a German web developer, created a European community server with the popular mode specialized just for Counter-Strike. His Go4TheKill server integrates concepts from H1Z1: King of the Kill into the game and simulates the BR genre, similar to other games such as H1Z1, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fortnite.

The Go4TheKill server means you won’t have to search for community servers that play br_electrified, a custom map set in a Halo-style block arena. That map essentially takes away that special BR feel and makes it almost like a robotic form of the Hunger Games. The Go4TheKill server itself has its own vibe that gives it an eerie feel like other BR games.

The map is set in a mountain range with numerous towns spread between the maps’ quadrants, as it’s four times the size of Overpass. It even has its own marked safe zones, inventory, sirens, and areas where weapons and health packs can be found. Unfortunately, the amount of players that can play in one server ranges from 15 to 20, which is significantly less than the normal 100 in other BR games.

To play on Go4TheKill, you’ll need to sign into your Steam account on their website (use at your own risk). Then once you’re signed in, open CS:GO and wait in the player queue until a game is found for you, like other third-party servers FACEIT and ESEA. An alert will show in your window when a game is found, and you’ll be connected to the BR server upon downloading the map. It’s also possible to partake in the server if you’re playing from North America, as a ping below 200 ms is somewhat playable.

More info on the server can be found on the Go4TheKill website and on Twitter, where they regularly update users on the status of the server.