CouRage casts over his own ace in CS:GO

He made the most of his Long spawn.

Screengrab via CouRage

100 Thieves’ co-owner and content creator CouRage showed off his incredible fragging skills in CS:GO, an FPS game that he barely streams, today.

On top of that, CouRage rolled back the clock and displayed his casting skills acquired from his time as a regular host and caster at Call of Duty events. But this time, he got to cast his own play.

CouRage was playing a PUG on Dust II and was on the T side. He got one of the best spawns to push A Long and did so with an AWP, going straight for a gun duel. Even though CouRage was also casting, he seemed incredibly focused throughout his individual play. He killed the first CT contesting Long and got the second one despite being half-blind. The streamer was justifiably hyped after the double kill and kept pushing for more, eventually killing the last CT on the A site and one in CT spawn.

At this point, the round was pretty much secured for his team and CouRage went for what everyone in his place should do: to lock in the round with an ace. He rushed B via CT spawn and Mid and hilariously whiffed a couple of shots before putting the final player down. “The kill could come in, the kill could come in, the kill could come in, and there it is for CouRageJD as he wins the round,” he shouted.

This highlight reel shows exactly how a streamer can create a special moment by using their creativity and, of course, how to handle the “Big Green” in CS:GO. Complexity’s founder and CEO Jason Lake interacted with CouRage on Twitter, joking that he was “emailing over a contract” so he could join his Counter-Strike team.

The CS:GO matches CouRage is playing today are part of the $350,000 AT&T Annihilator Cup Tournament week five.